How To Prepare Scrap Metal for Maximum Sale

Scrap Inc wants to help you get the most out of your scrap metals and e scrap.  Preparing your materials will make the process easy and help you generate the most revenue. Organizing your scrap into like materials (ie keeping all of your copper, aluminum, brass and steel separate)  helps us streamline the process. It saves us time and gives you more money. It’s also advised that you separate your ferrous and non-ferrous metals. An easy way to do that is the simple magnet test. If a typical household magnet sticks to your metal, it’s what is called a ferrous metal. Breaking down the materials into individual sections will also return more money. So take apart that old barbeque rather than wheeling it in whole.

Here are some more helpful hints we found. And if you have any questions about the best way to prepare your materials for recycling give us a call at 602-246-0923.

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How To Prepare Scrap Metal for Maximum Sale

Selling scrap metal can be very lucrative. The first question most sellers ask is how much their scrap metal is worth. The answer? It depends. But you can maximize the value of your scrap metal by following a few simple preparation tips. In this guide, we discuss ways to prepare aluminum, copper, and brass to maximize your sale and put money in your pocket.

1. Aluminum
When it comes to aluminum, grade is the main determinant of value. The other important factor is size. As Jacob Cohen, CEO of scrap metal recycling company Robert K Kurtz Company, comments, “You’ll get a better price if your aluminum scrap is no bigger than a screen door.” The reason size is a factor is because the aluminum has to fit into a furnace as part of the recycling process. The more processing it requires, the higher the production cost. You’ll get a higher price with the optimum size and grade.

2. Copper
Copper is an increasingly valuable scrap metal. The greater its purity, the higher its value. Copper comes in three main forms: wire, pipe and bar stock. The most valuable grade of copper is at least 99% pure and without any contamination. You can increase the value of insulated copper wires by stripping off the insulation. Just be aware that when you do this, you lose the weight of the insulation but increase its purity. (BE ADVISED: Stripping copper wire is ILLEGAL In Arizona.  Please Do Not strip your own wire for recycling in Arizona)

3. Brass
The value of brass is determined by its grade. These days, many manufacturers are substituting cast die in brass to reduce its cost. The main reason is rising copper prices with copper a major component of brass. Faucets used in many modern homes are made this way. Now, scrap metal recyclers generally have a category dedicated to this type of brass fixture because its value is quite different to other brass.

Recycling scrap metal represents an excellent way to make money. You’ll get more for your scrap if you follow these guidelines.

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