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How To Scrap Apart A Computer: Part I

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013


This post describes the ways one can scrap a computer to make the MOST MONEY! Computers are found in bulk at school actions, business closings, and even on Craigslist for free…When scrapping computers, VOLUME is very important. Before selling any of the gold-bearing components, wait until you have accumulated over 5-10 pounds of the stuff. This will assure you have interested buyers and therefore a very good price when selling…

Firstly, before scrapping a computer, make sure it is actually worthless. The truth is, any working component of a computer is worth more as a used part than as scrap. With that being said, lets look at the scrap value…

The inside of a computer is full of different types of materials, including, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, palladium, and all types of wire and transformers. Computers are broken apart into several different components:

  • The Case: This is the outside of the computer, this is almost exclusively made of steel. (Older models, and some newer server models consist of aluminum)
  • Disk Drives: including DVD/CD/Floppy disk players, each of which has a high grade board.
  • Hard Drives: Milled aluminum, stainless steel, and high grade board.
  • Motherboards: The main circuit board that hold the CPU, the RAM and the PCIs.
  • CPUs: This is the most gold concentrated part of most computers.
  • RAM: These are the “sticks” that can be pulled from the motherboard. Most have gold fingers but older models have tin fingers.
  • PCIs: These are the “mini boards” that can get pulled out of the motherboard. These also have gold fingers.
  • Power Supply: This is the box that has a big chunk of wire coming out of it.

To pull these different components out of the computer, you first open  he side of the computer case. This is done by unscrewing some screws or pulling in the right places. Newer model computers are usually very easy to get into, and the older they are, the harder it is to open up. However, it is never harder than pulling out a few screws.

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