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Table Scraps: Helpful tidbits about collecting Scrap Metal

Thursday, September 12th, 2013


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When Should I Go Looking for Metal and E-Scrap?

Certain times of the day, week and month are better than others when it comes to finding valuable scrap material and e-scrap to recycle. Making the search for scrap a part of your routine will help you make the most profit from collecting and recycling. Whether you’re just looking to collect a couple times a month or every day of the week, here are some of the best times and days to go searching for scrap:

Early morning

There are a lot of other people searching for valuable scrap finds too. Going early gives you a step up on the competition.

Beginning and End of the Month

This is when people are most likely to be ending old leases and starting new ones. When they move people are likely to leave behind things they don’t want to move. They often leave scrap the form of old appliances, construction items, and electronics on the curb or near dumpsters for available to pick up.

Day Before & Day of Trash Pick Up

Driving around your neighborhoods the days leading to and early morning on trash day, you’ll surely find some great items left out to be hauled to the dump. Why not rescue these items from the landfill and make some money when you take them to be recycled?

Early Evening

People are most likely to take items out to the curb or dumpster in the early evening, after they get home from work.


We all usually get our tasks done on weekends, including home construction which can lead to valuable items being left for trash pick up.

Make it a Routine

Most people can find a time of the day that fits their schedule while still being worth their time. Whether you think of it as once a month hobby, or a weekly means to collect an income, it helps to make scrap collecting into a routine. Integrating it into part of your life, like a weekly trip to the grocery store, or your morning work out, will help you avoid excuses to go. Scrap collecting is hard work, but it can bring a lot of profit.

After using the same routine for awhile, you’ll be able to identify high volume neighborhoods around you, and the best times to find scrap. Good luck! And remember to always be safe, courteous and respectful of the law during your treasure hunt!