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Scrap Search: A new idea for finding brass

Friday, June 28th, 2013

We’re always looking for new ideas of where to look for scrap metal, and e scrap. It’s everywhere, just waiting to be found and recycled for cash. Please keep in mind that Scrap Inc. will  accept spent shell casings, not live ammunition. Please take the necessary safety precautions when collecting any type of scrap and check out this article for some helpful hints on where to start looking.

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Where to Find Brass Scrap Metal for Profit

While Aluminum and Copper seem to get all the attention from the entrepreneurial minded scrap metal collectors in my area of the country an overlooked resource is brass. Brass is an alloy made from copper and zinc and is purchased by most scrap metal dealers across the country. Brass has a variety of uses including ammunition cases which is how I came across this idea. I recently made a trip to the local public shooting range to collect some spent cases to use for reloading my various guns. I arrived on a cold rainy day when the range was likely to be unoccupied and indeed found myself alone. While I scoured the ground for .270 Winchester, .280 Remington, or 30-06 Springfield cases I found nothing but disappointment. The only thing on the ground was some shotgun shells, some steel casings from military caliber chambered firearms and a few other non-brass cases. I quickly realized that someone had collected all the brass as even brass .22 Long Rifle casings were not present.

Before spending time collecting brass at a rifle range, check with your scrap metal dealer. Some scrap metal dealers will accept brass as collected, some will want the cases to be deprimed, and others will not buy cases at all. Consider the time and effort to deprime brass before collecting if it is required in your area. Also, remember like everything else scrap metal buyers want clean metal. Brass ammunition cases filled with mud or other debris should just be pitched in the trash as it is not worth the effort to clean. Of course, loaded ammunition is out of the question. Most police departments will have the ability to destroy loaded ammunition or know where to refer you to dispose of the loaded cases. Do not fire or sell loaded ammunition as you cannot be sure of its safety.

While collecting other scrap metal keep an eye out for brass items that you can collect and sell for a profit. Brass beds and other decorative pieces might have been discarded and be of value to a scrap dealer. If you are going to scrap a brass bed, make certain that it is solid brass and remove any non-brass items such as screws, bolts, and glass or plastic decorations.

Selling scrap metal is a great way to get some exercise and make some money. Recycled metals require less energy to make into new objects than mining new materials to use. Each item you recycle makes the world a little bit better whether your concern is energy costs or the environment.

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